Weekends & mindfulness

This weekend, for the first time in a while, we spent the time doing family things – binge watching some shows, eating, teasing one another, laughing, catching up on sleep, reading and enjoying one another’s company (until we got on one another’s nerves!). The weekend still has an hour or so left in it, and the house is calm.

I also did something that seems terrifying – I uninstalled most social media apps from my phone. Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn (why do I still have that?). Given that I seem to be checking one or the other for unmentionable periods of time, including as soon as I wake up, or just before falling asleep, this purge is well warranted.  I’m going to give it a shot, anyways. Given my experience (& failure) with these sort of experiments, I’m trying it out one day at a time.

Being mindful.

Creativity through a short list [Article]

Want to change something in your life, but aren’t too sure how? Marc Lesser reminds us of a few ways that we can be creative, just as we were as kids:

Being more creative is a practice, a habit, and a process. A good way to begin is to notice how creative babies and young children are. Just the act of crawling, walking, and exploring can be enormously creative. Creativity is easy – just let yourself be more childlike, curious, open, 

Why the minimalists do what they do [Article]

With an increasing number of options in almost every aspect of life, we presume that our results in each of those areas should be getting better and better, because with each new possibility it becomes more likely that one of them suits us perfectly. Our expectations for perfection and total satisfaction are too high.

A step by step guide to mindfulness – How to sit in a chair & drink tea [Article]

David Cain has an exercise for all of us busy folks who can barely enjoy our daily cuppa. 

It’s actually an indulgence. That’s not to say, however, that you’re taking from yourself more than you’re giving. Most indulgences are pleasures borrowed from your health or sanity — mindless entertainment, processed food, booze or needless shopping. But not in this case. You’re making your pleasure from the cleanest ingredients: leaves, water, and time.

David blogs at www.raptitude.com