An interview with THE MAN [Article]

Put this aside for the weekend if you have to, but read it now if you can. Especially if you are an employee.

 I run a solid business, and I don’t think I’m going to run out of employees or customers any time soon, so I’ll spare you the company-spokesman runaround — no, I don’t take responsibility for the state of their lives and I don’t see why I should. Particularly when they don’t take much responsibility for their lives themselves.

This might be fiction, but it might not. Consider it, & make up your mind.

The sun is setting at all times – [Article]

David from Raptitude reminds us that no matter what, The sun is setting at all times.

We have to acknowledge that truth is relative to the observer. If there were nobody observing the sunset there would be no sunset.

What matters is how things appear to be, from your perspective. Your quality of your life hinges on your perspective, not the theoretical state of the world, or “objective” assessments of your living situation.  

What do you do now that you always should have done? [Article]

David writes this, & it echoed strongly with me, after some recent events in my own life

Everyone has had the experience of making a change in their behavior that gave them an immediate and lasting advantage over the rest of their lives. We’ve all know what it’s like to make a simple change that is so clearly better than the old way that we wonder how it took us so long.

Why the minimalists do what they do [Article]

With an increasing number of options in almost every aspect of life, we presume that our results in each of those areas should be getting better and better, because with each new possibility it becomes more likely that one of them suits us perfectly. Our expectations for perfection and total satisfaction are too high.

Don’t be typical – [Article]

Rapitude is  fast becoming one of my favorite blogs. Author David explains why we should not be typical

We use what’s typical to calibrate our expectations for how much we ought to earn, how much time off is reasonable to insist on, how much frustration our relationships and obligations should create for us, the scale of our goals, and how happy we ought to be to be.