Inflation? or a product of Globalisation?

The Price of Butter! [Yahoo news]

In the last few decades, strong-arm tactics & policies of certain nations, driven by – it is now becoming more apparent – the wolves of private interests in sovereign sheep’s clothing – have resulted in a gradual change.

This change has been primarily in habits, daily acts & choices performed by all people, perhaps by need, availability, affordability, & a host of other reasons.

My view of this change has been that this change, whether conspired or otherwise, has led to some fundamental choices that were never seen by the human race before, on a scale as we see now. A classic example was the number of mouths required to be fed as opposed to the resources required to feed those mouths. New age thinking is that with improved productivity & technology, a lesser effort/ resource is required to achieve the same result.

This has inevitably led to the increase in the number of people moving away from a primary activity of growing food to higher paying, quicker turnaround, lesser effort jobs requiring “skill” – insinuating that these agrarian jobs somehow required no skill – just put some seeds in the ground & within a short time you get food.

This ridiculous situation – of prices of food becoming unaffordable – is probably going to be a more common phenomenon as we move towards food scarcity – ironic considering the amount of food that is wasted every day in every single family.

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