Modern “Medicine”?

Australia: The Child Allergy Capital of the World..[via yahoo news]

Expounding a research by Murdoch Childrens Research Institute, this article identifies a 2-year old who is suffering from food allergy, but is alive.

Somewhere in this article, a mother gratefully thanking “modern medicine” says, “If we’d been in a third world country, and we hadn’t known about the testing, or the awareness of allergies wasn’t so high, he probably would have died before the age of one.

The medicine man (or researcher –  I’m not sure what he is), says “We know that it is something to do with modern lifestyle because in developing countries food allergy rarely exists, and in countries that are undergoing modern developments, like in China, we’re now seeing rates that are rising.” 

Maybe it’s the dark side of those fantastic public health initiatives that we really need to think about, that we’re not stimulating our immune system enough. That includes getting out and playing outside, it includes things like exposure to farm animals and pets,” Professor Allen said.

I am more inclined to believe the medicine man.

What if modern messing around the food chain was the reason for the food allergy in the first place? What can be said with certainty is that those “third-world” countries have far less Genetically Modified & packaged food on their store shelves? 

Just thinking aloud.

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