I’m not out of the woods yet, but have regained enough strength to get out of bed a couple of times today.

Digital consumption though didn’t stop. I’ve been watching some talks on Long Now. Neal Stephenson  reading from his book Termination Shock  followed by a wonderful Q&A. Long Term Thinking by author & journalist Bina Venkatraman.

Glenn Campbell’s amazing rendition of Gentle on my mind that I never get tired of . His daughter Ashley wrote a song for him as Alzheimer’s slowly took over his life. “Remembering” is incredibly beautiful.

Walk Off The Earth is a band that gets me in the feels. They’ve done a fantastic bluegrass version of GNR’s Don’t Cry (& their neighbour Cindy knows!) and Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger” (which got the attention of the original songwriter!)

We’ve got a sewing machine that stays packed away until my mother-in-law makes a trip here whenever. I have been wondering what it would be to learn to use that machine so watched a youtube video. Maybe it will come out from hibernation this Christmas break.

The Tommy Emmanuel interview with Rick Beato. They cover so much great ground and Tommy’s ideas and philosophy apply not just to music but to life generally.

Guitar warm-up exercises that go beyond merely the boring scales by Marco Cirillo

Learning how to use Microsoft Sway  by Kevin Stratvert.

And I’m not sure why I watched this at all 🙂 A family’s 4X4 trip on the famous Oodnadatta trail