Active Digital Consumption

Women fall sick, and they make sure the world still goes on. Men fall sick and the world is about to end.  Man-flu, is how they describe it.

Man-flu or otherwise, I’ve laid low now for the second day in a row. The laptop’s close enough so I can at least get out of my head, if not my bed. I’ve been watching endless youtube videos, and the best I can do I suppose is to at least list them out here. (There’s got to be a better way than having to look at your history in YT, surely??)

A 92 year old man singing Christmas carols.

A nurse specialist, Ana Frapell, reading aloud a letter to her kids, followed by a palliative care doctor reading a letter to a former deceased patient about Do Not Attempt CPR

A different explanation, confirming the concept, of how electricity flows video I watched last week

Prof Rob Hyndman of Monash University explaining how RMarkdown changed his life.

An ex-McKinsey consultant sharing how to write storylines and action titles in his slides,  how to conduct workshops 

Geoff Castellucci (a bass singer)’s version of Mele Kalikimaka 

An energising rendition of Crazy by “Walking Off the Earth”

Toni Lindgreen (the amazing guitarist who backs Reina del Cid) teaching Bob Dylan’s Buckets of Rain in open E tuning. (and her testing of how much stress can be put on the guitar with this tuning!)

Top recently released features in MS Teams (didn’t know about the Q&A feature which will come in really handy!)

Magnets are fascinating!

Stevie Wonder’s improv and songwriting chops when the electric piano stops working!

Lex Fridman (this guy is an incredible role model!) responding, humbly, to Joe Rogan’s criticism of his interviewing style.

How to Learn to Code When You have No Time and No Money is an honest and inspiring talk by a military wife & mom.

Re-watched Nancy Duarte’s analysis of common structures of great speeches from TEDx 2010. Her quote to finish: “The future isn’t a place you can go. It is a place that you get to create“.

I’ve been reading:

Brett Scott’s “Altered States of Monetary Consciousness” was a recommendation

McKinsey on “Getting Real about hybrid work