I spent much of today, between coughs, struggling to write a thank you note to the people who have become part of a community I created out of hope that things could be better.

I struggled because I wanted to express how I really felt, why I really did this effort. I had no idea who I was really writing for.

And then it stuck me – it is not for the masses. It is a letter to anyone – any ONE – who comes across it and reads it. The words flowed then, and it was much easier.

I hit another roadblock soon after. Mere text, as heaped with meaningful  emotions as it may be, is not enough (or so I thought). I’ve spent hours this evening learning about photo saving formats, uploading them to Google Photos, reorganising them into a collage, and then finally getting them on to this internal social platform.

I am now struggling to hit “share”. And at 10pm, I’m so ready to give up, along with my body who’s screaming for rest, and my lungs who are struggling to get more oxygen in.  I get to see a doctor tomorrow night (finally!).

I haven’t done any voice training (duh!) today. But calligraphy, I can and will before I shut down for the day.