2023-12-18 Links

Daily Reads:

I listened to the 2023 Nobel Lecture by Dr. Katalin Kariko & Dr. Drew Weismann. For the record, I felt dumb, and yet amazed at the creativity and imagination that gave us the CoVID vaccines.

I had the privilege of listening to and discovering some incredible scientists who live in town. Prof. Toby Walsh was one of them, & his paper on "The Meta Turning Test" is one I’m currently attempting to read and understand. He also recommended his latest book

Gaping Void: The Power of Changing Your Mind


a sign of epistemic humility is speed. Anyone can change their opinions slowly, over years, sneakily sliding from a wrong view to a right one so subtly that they can pretend they were on the right side the whole time.
– Gaping Void


Sanya Vrancic’s mandolin cover of Chris Isaak’s Wicked Game is, wicked.