2023-12-17 Links

Daily Reads:

Jim Nielsen shares his workflow on taking and publishing notes.
I’m fascinated by how simple this looks – and know enough about my own habits to know that beneath that simplicity is a great deal of discipline (or habits) that will take me another lifetime to learn.

Om Malik on AI’s bumpy road ahead
Work involving physical presence and craftsmanship continues to be valuable. Work that’s expanded to fill time (isn’t that much of the corporate world?) that involves computers is being automated. AI as augmented intelligence rather than artificial intelligence is a different way of looking the mania sweeping the world.

Rob Walker features Dan Heath on this post titled Why (and how) to ask Craft Questions.
Heath featured recently in Dan Pink’s podcast. I went down the rabbit hole and this was a fun read, and one that gives me ideas on how to ask good questions of people I likely won’t have deep conversations with, but will still want to connect.

I listened to several conversations on Dan Heath’s What it’s Like podcast, but the one with Howard Hart, who spent 35 years as a stadium beer vendor was the first, and the most moving of them.

Ryan Holiday: A reminder to say NO. I don’t have people to say no to at the moment, but I do have a lot of things on my "todo" list that I should/could.

Winston Churchill’s Five Golden Rules for communication:

  • Begin strongly.
  • Focus on one theme.
  • Use simple language.
  • Draw a picture in the listener’s mind.
  • End with an emotion.

A celebratory video of Dr. Katalin Kariko & Dr. Drew Weismann by the UPenn.
HT: Ewan McIntosh for both

Very Clever play on words!

Erika Gezmer has some solid advice for me, and for all the job searchers out there.


Almost everything spoken by the retired Howard Hart on the first episode of Dan Heath’s What It’s Like podcast. Just listen to it.


Florist: Spring in Hours