2023-08-20 Links

Daily Reads:

Rich and anonymous: I think there’s an “ideal” net worth for everyone, when money not only stops bringing pleasure but becomes a social liability. And that number is probably lower than most people think.

Richard Merrick: You are not your qualifications What matters, at the end of the day, is our intent and character. When they are on display, nobody looks at our qualifications, which is something to remember when we are packing for the journey to what we want to become. Qualifications are there for other people who don’t know us to make quick judgements to see if we “fit” the machine they are responsible for (and to).

Ben Werdmuller: Open feedback as a gift. My experiences in the last few months, particularly with poor feedback mechanisms in unsafe environments, makes me think that this method can work, and work well.


If you want to convey what’s inside your head, all you can do is waggle your tongue and hope to vibrate other people’s ear-bones at a frequency that makes them understand. – Adam Mastroianni


Tommy Emmanuel – Doc’s Guitar