2023-08-19 Links

Daily Reads:

  • Bob Ewin: How to find good stories. I’ve read the story of William Benz & Leonard Read, and Gary Klein’s neonatal nurse before, and drew a blank when reading it on this link. No, my memory isn’t as good with recall as I think it is, which is why Obsidian is helpful now.

  • The Baader-Meinhof phenomenon: once something comes into our attention, we see it all the time (like a Red Camry or a specific brand of shoes). Reminds me of the gorilla experiment, quite the opposite of this phenomenon?

  • The Comfort Crisis: The tendency of humans to always scan our environment for problems, regardless of how safe and perfect that environment is.

  • Tobias Rose-Stockwell is the author of Outrage Machine, and in this interview brings the topic squarely back to ‘attention’. It turns out that we have a natural disposition to focus on negatively-valenced information

  • David Cain’s ideas about future gifts left to yourself, and thinking in blocks are small enough to implement now.

  • Kaiser Fung has an update to this Ethics in data science questions. Worth grappling with.

  • Steve Blank tells the story behind the secret history of Silicon Valley. A fascinating storyteller.

  • How to move an elephant: The Flux Review’s post this week talks about the space to hold conversations in a fearless, nuanced manner – most often impossible.

  • A better way to divide the pie Some ideas on better negotiations

  • Subtraction, rather than addition, for better problem solving

  • A recent Wordsmith newsletter that had a picture of him titled "Money on the Table" and triggered some memories from a time I’ve put out of my mind.

  • Savage Chickens for Inspiration


“I was wise enough to never grow up, while fooling most people into believing I had.” – Margaret Mead


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