2023-08-21 Links

Daily Reads:

Gary Klein: Cognitive Diversity, what it is and why it matters

Ethan Mollick: Now is the time for grimoires

Mari Andrew: 100 Things I Know

AI Assistance in Legal Analysis

Revisiting Rob Miller’s Collective IQ & Continuous Improvement blog post, inspired by Doug Englebart. Collective IQ improvement is, in a way, what I’ve been doing with all the communities I’ve been building and nurturing.

😅 Sherlock Holmes paid zero tax thanks to his deductions. -Dad Jokes

Richard Merrick: Artisanal Meandering Trying to think faster makes about as much sense as asking trees to grow faster.

Leading Questions


Politicians use statistics in the same way that a drunk uses lamp-posts – for support rather than illumination – Andrew Lang


Smokey Robinson – Ooh Baby Baby