2023-08-12 Links

Daily Reads:

Seth Godin: Significant Work is a VoteOur best work is scarce. We shouldn’t waste it on jerks, selfish hustlers, or those that don’t appreciate it.

Simon Cross: The Circle of Control Borrowing from Steven Covey, who must have also borrowed from someone?


Writing gives poor thinking nowhere to hide. When your invisible thoughts are made visible, you are forced to confront them as they are, not as you wish them to be. You can’t simply take a few minutes here and there, get the gist of the problem, and expect to have clear thinking and unique insights. Good thinking, like good writing, demands patience.


Wynton Marsalis delivers the Nancy Hanks Lecture 2010 is as musical as music can be. I get to watch the Jazz at the Lincoln Centre Orchestra performing at the Sydney Opera House along with the Sydney Philharmonia Choir in a couple of weeks, thanks to a chance conversation today with a parent who also sings with the SPC. I thought I’d heard Marsalis’ name before, & I was right: Ed Brenegar had posted a link to this lecture a few weeks ago.