2023-08-13 Links

Daily Reads:

Clayton Christensen Institute: Is Your Business Model Working?:

The first note on this blog post is called Display Fascination – and it’s a scary thought that 45 years later, it’s playing out at scale.

I revisited this 2018 article by Alexis Madrigal on drop-shipping. The Generative AI content creation turns this into a ludicrous scheme.

Design for how people behave, not how they should behave. Robotaxi debauchery. Also reminds me of "unintended consequences".

Dario Amodei (CEO of Anthropic) in conversation with Dwarkesh Patel.

Culture isn’t arbitrary, argues W. David Marx in Human Defenses Against AI Culture

Video of the week: A young man explains what it feels like to be ‘dead’


Talented artists take in the specifics of valuable experiences. Spring isn’t just ‘nice’: Leaves that are as soft as a newborn’s hands, contrast between warm sun and a sharp breeze, the cry of baby blackbirds, moving from generalities to specifics, they bring the scene alive in our minds. – School of Life


Gretta Ziller, Judas Tree