2023-08-11 links

Daily Reads:

Designing for humans: some designers are amazing at imagining things, but not as amazing at imagining them surrounded by the universe. That beautiful thing you’re working on, it lives in a window on your monitor tucked under a title bar, and that’s as tricky as it gets.

Beirut at Sunset What is Beirut like 3 years after a blast tore apart the city?

Crowdless Future Can AI generate better ideas than humans?

Ed Brenegar: Executing a Vision for Impact as a Shared Experience in Leadership:

Rob Estreitinho: Find a borrowing system The system of capturing, processing & output-ting to “borrow from the past in thoughtful ways to do imaginative leaps into the future“.

JP Castlin: Theory & Reality when strategies do fail, it is typically because they neglect to account for the messy reality in which they are intended to be executed. Echoes the link about designing for humans above.


The first step is to imagine what the people you serve want and care about it.
The second is to figure out why they don’t have it yet.

If you can help people get to where they seek to go, when they’re ready to get there, the stuff called marketing gets significantly easier. – Seth Godin


It’s been a while since I’ve listened to Eric Clapton “Unplugged”. The first time I heard it was in 1993 or thereabout on MTV I think. Like, on a proper box tv – which probably makes me a neanderthal? https://youtu.be/gndC52eJwJ8