2023-08-04 Links

Daily Reads:

Steven Pressfield: Self-doubt Part 3.
Part 1 & Part 2 are also great reads

Gleb Tsipursky in Forbes: The damaging results of the Return To Work mandate are becoming clear ^1c5cf5

Nick Morgan: How to Lead with Socratic Questions

https://www.cascade.io/ The co-founders of this no-code analytics tool have a final post of their learning from the venture.

Another example of why I love Adam Mastroianni’s writing – How many people has Dolly Parton killed?

Tim Bray, writing about Alex Waterhouse-Hayward, an 80-year-old master photographer at work: Scanography.

Mary Flanagan: What if Wargames Could Be Something Else?

Mary L ‘Missy’ Cummings: What self driving cars tell us about AI risks

Ben Werdmuller: Always know your core value proposition

Markdown tips I learnt today for Obsidian:

  • To share a link to [[2023-08-03 Links | Yesterday’s Links]] all I have to do is include a pipe operator inside the [[ syntax after the page ]]
  • Linking to a block inside a page, use a ‘^’ operator [[2023-08-04 Links#^1c5cf5 | linked above]]
  • Linking to a heading inside a page, use the ‘#’ operator after the page inside the [[ syntax


we need to disempower the Product Managers who insist on “improving” their offerings for reasons related to their career aspirations, not their customers’ experience. I loathe their assumption that the cost of the world retraining itself is zero. – Tim Bray


Sinead O’Connor & Willie Nelson: Don’t Give Up