2023-08-05 Links

Daily Reads:

Ethan Mollick: In praise of boring AI Companies and organizations could start with thinking about how to make boring processes “AI friendly,” allowing machines (with human supervision) to fill our required forms. Rewarding workers for slaying boring tasks with AI could also help streamline operations while making everyone happier. And, if this sheds light on tasks that could be safely automated with no decrease in value, so much the better. Maybe that is work that can be eliminated.

I almost skipped this article on "Regenerative Travel" but I’m glad I didn’t. Combinatorial innovation holds so many possibilities – and lots of failures along the way.

In Deferred Happiness and The Retirement Trap, Sahil Bloom claims "The traditional concept of retirement is grounded in a foundational assumption that there should be a "before and after" within your life. I would propose a reframe: The goal is to design a life that you don’t need to retire from."

I struggle with focus (obviously!) and so a note to self. Put this into practice

I had a long discussion with an older gentleman this morning about money as the primary way of measuring success. The return on hassle is a different phrasing of the idea I was espousing but hadn’t heard until now.

Simon Willison inspires me to try this over the next few days. Maybe. Run Llama2 on your own Mac using LLM and Homebrew

Stowe Boyd’s 2015 article in Wired imagining the corporation of 2050 I’ve selected three extremely pressing problems, and their impact on jobs and work, to serve as the dimensions for scenario development: economic inequality, climate change, and artificials (AI and robots).


The grounding of life is those we love, more so than work we love, no matter how much we love our work. -Stowe Boyd


Southern Raised Grandpa – Tell me about the good old days