2023-07-22 Links

Nicholas Carlini: An interesting test of both ChatGPT’s abilities and my own assessment of how ChatGPT will do with my prompts. I’m totally over-confident in my assessment of how ChatGPT-4 will respond, so I have some work to do on discerning the problems to get the AI to be useful.

Bill Gates is optimistic in his assessment of AI’s real risks right now and how to manage them. The technophile’s overarching theme is that humans will get through this too like previous transformations. In general it will be great for humanity. Specifically it already is catastrophic for humans, as several AI researchers have been crying out for a while.

Jessica Hagy’s one sentence seriously cynical case studies had me cackling:

  • let the stakeholders think we care about them
  • change the goalposts often to keep the hamsters running on their wheels
  • your audience must always feel desirable
  • make the turd on the plate seem appetizing
  • always give your audience hope, especially when you know they’re screwed
  • we’re here to take what we can get and run
  • yes, this is nasty work but it pays really well
  • if you can’t outspend them, out think them
  • never forget that your customers are animals, just like you are
  • if you have nothing special to offer, there’s always seduction via poetry

A thoroughly enjoyable interview with Roy Glauber, the Nobel Prize winner who swept the stage free of paper airplanes at the IgNobel Prizes.

Serendipitously, Bob Ewing’s speech writing blog features J Robert Oppenheimer who was also in that interview.

Leo Babauta: We’re mostly trying to escape this moment

practice not escaping. When we feel uncomfortable, stay for a little longer. Not to the point of torture, but just to the point that’s just beyond our comfort zone. We grow our capacity to be with all of life.

Joyful discovery of the day: Edmund Gropl in conversation with Mike Rohde on #Zettelkasten and sketchnotes

Philip Glass: "Closing"

The man who has begun to live more seriously within begins to live more simply without.
-Ernest Hemingway

The most valuable possession you can own is an open heart. The most powerful weapon you can be is an instrument of peace.
– Carlos Santana