2023-07-21 Links

Adam Mastroianni’s invitation to join a secret society is a great read. Not enough people are pursuing science because "qualifications". His suggestions are practical, & more people including myself ought to do this because we’re all naturally curious.

News of hope: How a Brazilian couple replanted a forest

Anne Helen Petersen: Garden Mistakes Were Made. I love how AHP reframes mistakes in the garden as amazing teaching tools. Like people, each plant is different, has different needs, and takes time to get established.

Tom Nolles: Where Telcos Might Find More Opex Savings. My colleague & friend Brad put me on to Tom’s writing. I love his frank if opinionated views on the industry. Learning to pay attention, synthesise and communicate effectively is a skill worth learning anytime

Storytelling with Data shows how to turn a complex looking bar chart into something more simple, elegant, and effective.

Nick Morgan: How to Connect With An Audience Fast. #publicspeaking

We’re in the market for some kitchen appliances. The lady at the consumer goods store we were browsing at was lamenting the fact that all manufacturing had moved overseas. This article in the Economist suggests that bringing back manufacturing is a delusion.