2023-03-25 Links

Matthew Strom: Creating a postive workplace community

QOTD from Larry Lessig: “culture needs a different business model. We need access to our past, not just the part of our past that continues to be commercially viable. We need libraries that assure we can see everything our parents or grandparents saw, so we can understand why they were as they were, and how they got better. Great libraries preserve access to as much as they physically can — not based on which titles continue to earn revenue. The past is just one more competitor for a commercial publisher; but for a library, the past is a gift that is to be nurtured and protected, regardless of its commercial value.”

How to chat with a long pdf – video

Biotech company extends lifespan of mice through cell reprogramming. Be cautious: “More information is needed to understand what changes the reprogramming genes cause in mice, and researchers say that other groups must repeat the experiment before they are convinced.”

Jessica Hagy: 10 Places to Invest in these Interesting Times

AI is accelerating, & Ethan Mollick is a convert.