2023-03-24 Links

Esther Clark, inspired by Clayton Christensen’s sign Anomalies Wanted, invites innovators to hold of judgments and examine anomalies deeply for innovation.

Jim Nielson: AI takes over because of human hype, not machine intelligence

Merging talent, skills and purpose: Pearlyn Phau, Group CEO of Singlife in McKinsey.

Society’s technical debt & software’s Gutenberg moment “Perhaps we should be thinking less about opportunities for displacement automation and more about opportunities for augmenting automation, the kind of thing that unleashes creativity and leads to wealth and human flourishing.”

And a counterpoint to that argument: Why ChatGPT won’t replace coders just yet.

How loneliness reshapes the brain: “The problem with loneliness seems to be that it biases our thinking. In behavioral studies, lonely people picked up on negative social signals, such as images of rejection, within 120 milliseconds — twice as quickly as people with satisfying relationships and in less than half the time it takes to blink. Lonely people also preferred to stand farther away from strangers, trusted others less and disliked physical touch.”