2023-02-18 Links

Language matters.

Reminder: RLHF = Reinforcement Learning with Human Feedback. You can’t get away from humans, even when you want to get rid of humans.

Stephen Wolfram’s long essay on What is ChatGPT doing & why does it work?

The implications of AI are going to upend the way we see, live & experience the world. Cheap training, and a soaring imagination – David Rozado trained RightWingGPT that manifests the opposite political biases of ChatGPT.

Here’s another practical fallout: a trend of spammy magazine submissions that is correlated with the release of ChatGPT

Robin Hanson: Expert vs Elite “Innovation

William H Starbuck, NYY Stern: Strategizing Realistically in Competitive Environments.

3D printed houses . On their website, Mighty Buildings claims to cut down construction times by half.

Staying power: Nick Axten earned his PhD 50 years after he started it.

Childhoods of exceptional people.

James Clear: “Before you throw more time at the problem, throw more focused action at the problem. You don’t need more time, you need fewer distractions.”

Quote of the week:

Technology does many things well, nuance is not one of them. – Brian Morrissey