2023-02-16 Links

Seth Godin: Fidelity, Compression & Culture: “Meetings at work are largely low fidelity and ultimately quite compressed. Unlike a memo that can be in and of itself, a meeting is a performance, and then it’s summarized, and summarized again, until it becomes a story that’s a shadow of what the person who started the whole thing had in mind. Nuance disappears.”

Rohit Krishnan on Beyond Google, to Assistants with Personalitythe case of Google Vs Bing is fascinating, because it tries to talk about “Search” as one thing. It isn’t. Search is many things. It’s about getting you to the right endpoint quickly. For code, it’s code. For factual questions, it’s an answer. For curiosity driven explorations, it’s the next node you need to get linked to.”

to watch later: Social Media Rewires Your Brain: Author Max  Fisher in conversation with Rich Roll

Ed Brenegar on Synthesizing Reality:  (I found that previous video in this article)

Seth Godin gives another way to think about learning curves – as leaping curves.