2023-01-21 Links

Wendy Grossman is recording a folk-album 42 years after her first one, & marvels at the way AI is making the process simpler – more impressive, she says, than merely an AI that outputs text in rows (see Nick Cave link yesterday)

Ed Brenegar on generational relationships. Ed’s writing, & the writing of people he’s introduced me to in his network, resonate strongly with me. A simple, yet profoundly valuable question: What should change because of this idea?

Pink Floyd’s playing in the background – Lost for Words caught my attention as I was reading.

To martyr yourself to caution is not gonna help at all

Colin Newlyn’s observations on Jacinda Ardern’s walking away had me nodding furiously (Colin’s writing is to blame for my recent nodding-induced neck-aches 😉 )

    • ChatGPT demonstrates a left bias opines  David Rozado
    • Shakoist tries to make the case that humanity’s textual corpus contains enough “models” for LLM’s to progress towards AGI. Fascinating:

Our corpus of text represents the outputs of millions of humans. Embedded within that mess of information is all of our social graphs, the information we observe, and how we have reacted, processed, and written down that information.