2023-01-20 Links

HBR;s 8 Trends to Watch in 2023

What makes employees trust AI?

From an interview with the founder of The Museum of Failure, Samuel West:

I realized that there’s no lack of methods or cool processes for innovation. The main obstacles are that people are afraid of failing, and being embarrassed by it—those are two of the biggest obstacles for innovation.

QOTD, James Clear:

“The edge is in the inputs.

The person who consumes from better sources, gets better thoughts. The person who asks better questions, gets better answers. The person who builds better habits, gets better results.

It’s not the outcomes. It’s the inputs.”

    • Search through Google Books, and ChatGPT writes a summary from the relevant text: https://www.allsearch.ai/
    • Nick Cave responds to a song written in the style of Nick Cave by ChatGPT

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