2023-01-10 Links

For laughs & giggles – and to try out on the next trip to the beach ­čÖé Potato shaped stones are better for skimming

On the train trip to work & back today, I watched the interview┬á on Caro & Gottlieb I linked to yesterday. Magnificent. I also discovered a 3 year old interview of Caro on DemocracyNow which is also fantastic. Robert Caro’s research, and his storytelling angles are incredibly inspiring, focusing as they do on “how power affects the powerless”.

Rands on The Seven Dispositions of Task Management.

    • Francois Chollet (of TensorFlow fame) has some reservations about the commercial viability of ChatGPT, not the technology itself, he clarifies.
    • This feels terrifying: Microsoft has unveiled VALL-E. Using a 3-second sample of human speech, it can generate super-high-quality text-to-text speech from the same voice. Even emotional range and acoustic environment of the sample data can be reproduced.
    • Seth Godin bids good riddance┬á to the high school essay, thanks to ChatGPT. It’s better to get students to learn how to use the tool effectively rather than to ban it, a view I subscribe to.