2023-01-03 Links

Daily Reads:

Came across these handy tools to share individual Obsidian notes when you don’t have a Obsidian Publish subscription. It results in a copy of course, not the original note being shared, but it serves the purpose. Could also simply email the note, but then keeping track of edits, urgh!

Jeremy Connell-Waite has put together a handy website called Better Stories with some great looking resources. Bookmarked.

Dan Pink interviews Dan Heath on the 3-2-1 Podcast on the Power of Moments. The awareness that key transitory moments can be made magical with a little effort and thoughtfulness

Adam Mastroianni on De-bogging oneself. I love his ability to concoct labels to the ridiculous things we make up and pretend they are real problems. That’s why having goofy names for them matters so much, because it reminds me not to believe the biggest bog lie of all: that I’m stuck in a situation unlike any I, or anyone else, has ever seen before.

Where does AI (in all its forms) be applied, beyond the hyperventilation about code, text, and images? The Scientific American has this story about explainable AI (in contrast to black-box models) while discovering a new class of antibiotics.

Steven Levy from Wired in a fun interview with Yann Le Cun – How Not To Be Stupid About AI.

Simon Willison tips his hat to Tom Scott and talks about the formidable power of escalating streaks. So much inspiration here! Watch Tom’s final video


Never let your sense of morals get in the way of doing what’s right.
– Isaac Asimov


A Celebration of New Orleans Blues with Hugh Laurie Storytelling, music, history, humor, tour-guiding, and much more rolled into an fantastic 52 minutes.