2024-01-04 Links

Daily Reads:

I’m not alone. Scott Eblin shares his thinking around his decade long plan for purposeful growth.

At some near point in the future, I’m going to be working with spreadsheets again. I know present Microsoft Excel only barely looks like its pre-historic ancestor from the 1990’s and has much of its internals and even externals revamped. Articles like this one remind me that open source tools can complement my skills, and to keep working with them as much as I can while unemployed. Haki Benita, Fastest Way to Read Excel in Python Also, "It depends" is a perfectly good answer, sometimes the best answer, when followed by a clear explanation of the nuance. Who’s listening, though?

This is a moving post from a giant in the software world. An Unreasonable Investment. Reading it reminded me of Chandru from my first ‘corporate’ job. He taught me almost everything I needed to know about databases and structured querying and saving countless hours of un-formatting… I messaged him today, and he was happily surprised to hear from me. 😄


People who demand neutrality in any situation are usually not neutral but in favor of the status quo.
– Max Eastman


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