2024-01-02 Links

Daily Reads:

The Guardian had an article about a rise in women exploring sexual fantasy in midlife. I found it fascinating that behind the lurid headline, is a segment of population that has unmet needs, rarely spoken about aloud at least in my circles. Someone’s discovered the commercial potential, and even attracted government investment in the idea.

Nicole van der Hoeven shares how to use bookmarks in Obisidan

Tracy Durnell’s Big Questions and a hundred dozen links in there. The trap I’m caught in is information consumption, and her framing of what to read, and why, makes it really tempting to try it myself.

The idea of the indieweb is captivating. Knowing how to implement in on my own site, another matter. This book on Micro Blogs by Manton Reece is for my reading, and possible implementation, although I have not yet figured out the why, besides my usual "this is cool".

A 2 min snippet of Matthew McConaughey’s speech at the White House in the aftermath of the Uvalde school shooting.

Rob Walker, in Resolved shares ideas for ‘resolutions’ for 2024 – be less boring by Rob LaZebnik is imaginatively fun! (go somewhere you’ve never been, indulge your senses, get permission to do something normally off-limits, get out of your creative comfort zone…)

Matt Mullenweg celebrates his 40th birthday soon. He wants more people to blog as his Birthday Gift. I think it’s a great idea too! My story: I came across an article by Om Malik about his connection with WordPress/ Automattic sometime in 2007 (I think?) I finally got around to creating a blog of my own in 2009, and started using WordPress in 2010. For a non-techie like me (& having seen Google kill off its products way too often), WordPress has been a steady, easy, part of my life for the last 14 years. Anyway, Happy Birthday Matt!


I am a kind of paranoiac in reverse. I suspect people of plotting to make me happy.
– J.D. Salinger


An Australian icon, Slim Dusty, says in verse how I feel today: Looking Forward, Looking Back

Looking forward, looking back
I’ve come a long way down the track
Got a long way left to go
Making songs, from what I know