Writing, Reading, and Reflecting

Writing (nearly) every day has been a rewarding experience, allowing me to process the day’s emotional journey with lesser damage to myself and those around me than otherwise likely.

I read through what I wrote this year in my journals, and some consistent themes show up. Some I’m aware of, explicitly.  There are others that keep showing up now and then, very tied to my emotional state on the day.

Reflecting on the writing is what I have planned for the next few hours, and to identify the ones I believe are useful in the next sprint – 2 weeks of doing something consistently every single day. 2 weeks I can do, and 2 weeks can help me build some systems.

Today I had another success too – I finally managed to resuscitate the otherwise healthy Macbook Pro that had somehow upgraded itself to MontereyOS and then killed itself.  It took patience, a little bit of googling, finding the right Apple links for download. In the end, I was able to turn it into a working device that is now available for use. Pleased with the outcome.