Two uses of an ancient plant, banned arbitrarily!

Governments everywhere run a tax-payer funded pro-bono machinery to keep pharma companies in business..

I don’t see the logic: natural chemicals that work on the natural human body are bad. Artificially created chemicals that have devastating consequences on the human body are good.

Up in smoke: cannabis worth $7.5m destroyed after raids:

What the government doesn’t tell you about cannabis:
What the plant really is:
What the US government (through the USDA produced movie) said during WWII:;

What the government tells you now:

Funnily, the government also thinks it’s perfectly legal for companies to sell tobacco & junk food & fizzy drinks (a few of the other items also known to have serious effects on health). 

PS: I have not, & do not, use any drug, pharmaceutical or natural. 

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