There are moments when you feel the time is just.. perfect. Whatever it may be: telling someone how you feel about them, saying thank you, a pat on the back, a caress of the cheek, a text message, a phone call.

I had one such opportunity today to share the story of the women who work with me today. It didn’t feel right to do it myself, so I got a friend to do it for me. I’m grateful that I have friends who I can lean on, particularly when I feel that doing so would be a humble-brag or tooting my own trumpet.

I’m also hooked up to a machine today that will measure how well I sleep. My significant other, who’s never missed an opportunity to needle me about my snoring burst into laughter when she saw me with all these wires protruding from my head and chest. I’ll have had it on for 16 hours before I can tear it off me.

Hemingway readability: Grade 6