Walking in the Rain

I didn’t get a picture today: on our way back from the walk, the skies opened up.

Our ten-year old was on his bike, riding along slowly and grumpily as we walked. The trip back suddenly became a fun experience, getting wet as it was getting dark.

Walking in the rain was a trip back on memory lane too. Two decades or so ago when we were dating, come sunshine or rain, my wife and I would meet every day. On the days it rained, which was quite often given the weather there, we’d get drenched – and would come up with creative excuses for her when she got home.

Also reminded me of this wonderful tune that I’ve shared a couple of times before: Pt’s Shiv Kumar Sharma & Hariprasad Chaurasia Walking in the Rain.





Time flies.

It’s two weeks into the New Year. That means enough time has passed for a large number of New Year Resolutions to have been broken.

Late nights, broken internet connections & general busyness around the house has been my excuse for the last week.

But it’s no longer last week.


15 years ago this day, my grandpa passed away.
I loved him dearly.
A kind man. He made my childhood memorable.
With stories of his childhood. Tales of tigers & elephants where he grew up.
Taught me how to enjoy a coffee. To this day, dipping a rusk into a hot mug of coffee is still the best for me.

I miss you Aba.

Memories & Journals [Thread]

This gentleman (I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt!) kept a journal from May 1965 to Sep 1966. He shares what it means to keep a diary.. and the disconance between his memories & the entries in the diary:

the entries in journal and my memories didn’t much resemble each other, except in flashes and images–still frames with fuzzy edges. Dark stuff, with no context. I was unable to read it in one sitting, and even then I had to go back over certain areas a few times to make myself focus. I am no longer simply the kid who wrote those things, did those things. I am that person with years, layers of experience and judgement added to the mix. Something like looking into the mirror, but your image doesn’t behave the way you’d like it to behave. Anyhow, my memory needed to be tweaked, and I’m glad I did it.