Synchronous Pain

I discovered through a painful lesson today that I have a complicated reading setup.

Feedbro is wonderful because I have discovered the joy, constraints, and workflow of reading on one device. It forces me to time box the reading, and act on things I can while discarding everything else.

I have three machines (not including my work machine!) that I have suddenly accumulated in the last three months. A Macbook Pro that I resurrected over the holidays, a very basic Windows PC that I use for specific applications that don’t run on Mac, and an emotional purchase of a Windows Surface tablet that I thought I’d use exclusively for reading (in bed!)

I’ve been using Microsoft’s Edge browser on the Surface and on the PC. I had signed in using my MS account which means the extensions are synchronised on both machines. I don’t use Feedbro on the PC, so I removed the extension without thinking too much about it, and continued to read my feeds on the Surface.

About 15 minutes or so later, Feedbro disappeared on the Surface as I was reading. I realised in a few moments what happened. Edge helpfully removed the extension on all browsers I was signed in to. Feedbro only stores the feeds locally on the machine I was reading, and when the extension is removed, all feeds went with it (I must validate that extensions delete all data).

In any case, it took me a while to recreate the feed list. Two hours that could have been invested in something else, but I won’t do that mistake ever again 🙂

Oh, it was also MT’s wedding today that I decided not to attend, thanks to my recurring cough. I missed meeting many old friends too.