Sunsets at the beach and board games

It was the nation’s / state’s (?) day of confusing time adjustments today so everything feels a little out of whack.  Besides following a WWI tradition, I don’t know why some parts of the country do this to themselves now.

The one benefit today though was catching a beautiful transition in the western skies over the beach on our family walk this evening.

We walked back hand in all, all of us. We were the only ones on the beach as far as the eye could see. Admittedly my eyesight isn’t all that great, but we didn’t see any other humans on the beach while we walked back.


I also re-learnt today how infectious  a child’s enthusiasm for  board games can be. With a moratorium on screen-time, the young lad has had to get used again to being bored or finding other things to keep his mind occupied. Practicing his cello, reading a book the old-fashioned way, riding his bike, and this evening, convincing everyone to play a board game with him.