Showing up

An act of the professional is being able to show up at work every day, no matter what. 
Professional as opposed to an amateur. Steven Pressfield makes the point amply well in his book “War of Art”.
I’m no professional, yet.
Doing the AltMBA rekindled the simple things I loved to do when I was younger: write. Using pen & paper, not type stuff out like I’m doing now. I found the time to do this, despite everything else going on at work & in life. 
The first weekend after the AltMBA, I decided to write a quote every day and publish it to the Akimbo community portal.   Nearly every day since then, I’ve done it, mostly for myself – and partly because I’ve thought of it as a very private act, to be shared with only those I want to see it. Irrational, but that’s not the only thing I’m irrational about. And you dear reader, have your fair share of irrational acts too. 
Today was Day 30, & I published this along with my written quote.  A small victory for me. 

Day 30: GratitudeFor thirty days (a couple of exceptions aside), I’ve posted here on a single thread, a quote a day. I’m grateful for having had the opportunity and the space to rekindle the joy I have of simply writing out things I enjoy, and to do it consistently. Thank you, & I’ll say this myself, enough hogging this thread 🙂
I will continue putting my work on the interwebs at Swing by anytime if you’re curious. I also made a simple album of these here

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