New Day Year

I like to think I am open to meeting new people, and experiencing new things. In most instances, I am. Socialising, as much as it’s ‘socially’ important, is one of the most draining things I am required to participate in.

You can take a person out of <insert place here> but you cannot take <insert place here> out of the person, is an epithet I’ve heard often. The exhaustion today stemmed I think from the reminder that most of the folks I had to politely engage in conversation are very similar if not alike to what drove me out of my state – both of abode and of thinking.

There were two exceptions that caught my attention: one, a golden retriever and two, a 4 year old boy with an unique name.  Both were in new circumstances, and adapted the best way they could. One stayed close to its master, and ignored everyone else while managing to look cute. The other called the world as he saw it, and managed to embarass his parents when  they were within earshot.

If holidays are meant to be refreshing and relaxing, then choosing who and how to spend that time with deserves attention.