Learn: Create Presentations From Markdown

Sprint 1 starts today for two weeks. Of course it had to begin with a restful sleep!

Writing and creating a presentation from the same document has beenĀ  on my mind ever since I saw Hadley Wickham’s presentations (example here).

There are a lot of writing I wish I had a presentation to talk along with, and I want to give that a go in the next two weeks. This requires me to learn several new tools and skills, and build on some I already know:

* Use RStudio‘s Markdown capability (I’ve used this a bit).
* Continue practising on iTerm as Terminal
* HTML & CSS – a 12 minute video for CSS was enough to get me on my way. I have less than a rudimentary knowlege of both. Use VSCode as the text editor
* Refer Yihui Xie’s wonderful Bookdown book for ioslides
* Write about the process of learning this, as a presentation. Embed the presentation here before Saturday 15 January). Publish the slides and code to Github.
* Stretch: Learn Xaringan because they look pretty awesome!



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