More Be Like Water

The identity we build for ourselves is our fortress, and then our tomb.

That’s the thought that went through my mind as I sat in on a meeting today, watching a few people go through a major organisational transition announcement.

I know it’s easy to do this observation when it’s about other people. Very like, those very people I observed today were the ones doing the observation about other people going through that transition not so long ago.

Bruce Lee’s advice “be like water” comes to mind. Practising that idea every single day is a good idea, in preparation for the day that I too will be going through the same transition. I don’t know what will cause that transition or when it will happen. That transition might be life itself. The advice still holds, I think.

Be like water.

Flow like it does.

Adapt like it does.

I’ve come to fall in love with those three words, be like water. And I’m reminded of them almost every day lately.