2023-01-05 Links

Om Malik’s “we are certified addicts to attention” is my QOTD. In his post titled “Why Internet Silos Win“, Om’s observation rings true for me:

If we didn’t care for attention, we wouldn’t be doing anything at all. We wouldn’t broadcast. Instead, we would socialize privately in communication with friends and peers.

Warp News has an optimistic take on AI unleashing creativity

Learning to paint takes years of practice. With AI, everyone who wants to paint just needs to learn how to use AIs that paint.  When we, via AI tools, also can create music, other types of audio, and video – and of course combine them – even more creativity will be unleashed. This creativity has so far been trapped, but can now come out. That unleashed creativity will create millions of jobs and tons of human progress. The number of designers, artists, and writers will increase dramatically.

Richard Merrick is on my “do not miss reading” list. Here’s one reason. Thanks to Ed Brenegar for drawing my attention to his work.

Pioneering a New Paradigm: A link to a link from a link is how I found this, and I’m glad I did!

In spite of popular slogans, the world doesn’t change one person at a time. It changes as people interact and work together. When local efforts connect as networks, then commit to work as a community of practice, a new system emerges at a greater level of scale.

Stephanie Green reminds that people are meaning-makers, and to always put your audience front of mind when creating any visualisations of your data