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I had two conversations today with colleagues on the subject of learning & training. They came from two different parts of the org.  The context in both cases got me thinking about well-intentioned learning or training programs that are abysmal failures, viewed from the perspective of those that these programs are designed for!

One conversation was from a designer of learning programs. They were in “discovery stage”. I did not get a sense that after months of discovery, they were any wiser about the needs of the individuals they were designing the capability building programs for. They did repeat what managers had said about their current and future skills necessary. They talked about the state-of-the-art training technology available, and how it could be co-created with the business units.  Someone was mapping the skills-capability matrix, which they weren’t across the detail of. They were conscious of the increasing rate of attrition, & were under instruction from their leadership team on fixing the problem through building skills of the future.



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