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A hurriedly posted part 1 here

The second conversation with a colleague who is a ‘encouraged reluctant participant’ in a particular program. It is intended for folks with STEM capabilities from a culturally different background to step into leadership roles.  While they acknowledged the effort that’s gone into getting the program off the ground, their previous lived experience with both the creators and some of the participants has raised questions about the  intention of the program. “Inauthentic”, “gaining visibility is the ticket to success” , “The program seems to encourage that behaving in a certain way is all that’s necessary to be a leader” were a few of the descriptions used.

All that to say, if I was to create a program for this cohort, what might that look like? Coincidentally, an author I connected with online wrote to me today to say he’s considering beginning a podcast with a global network, to focus on the local leadership skills for the GenZ & Milennials cohort. It’s a timely reminder that I’m not alone in thinking about these local challenges, and that collaboration is essential.

Most of my recent satisfying endeavours have involved helping a few grads learn how to learn in an organisational context. I have a couple of ideas that I wanted to kick off this week that didn’t happen for health reasons. There’s much possibility here that I want to explore.