# Highlights:

    • MK reaching out in the moment to inquire about me.
    • The opportunity to re-examine my identity, and its various dimensional overlaps.
    • A long walk on a warm yet windy day in the middle of the day.

How do you learn?

Depends on what I’m learning. It’s by doing, by watching others do, by reading, by asking questions, by listening, by breaking things into smaller chunks, by listening to my body, by practising when I don’t need to. Investing time is what I do best.

The lesson repeats itself unless I take the time to learn from it. Today has been a day of learning about psychological safety in a workplace, and how easily it is destroyed. Being able to share what’s on one’s mind, how one is feeling, without being judged is an invaluable trait. Having the wisdom to not share what’s on one’s mind because “being perceived to be a negative nanny” is also valuable. Having the space that I’ve helped create and nurture along with many others over the years, ruthlessly destroyed in less than a minute, taught me in that moment, of what a good leader ought to do.

I trust my intuition. It’s right more often than it’s wrong. It also makes me vulnerable, and sometimes, like today, gets taken advantage of.

“Engineers like action. It gives them comfort that there is momentum, even if it is directionless.”

When the tide is flowing one way, it is easier to go with it than to fight it. Knowing that it will turn in about six hours is ought to be remembered. “Be like water”. I’ve not done that this time, and it’s a lesson I won’t forget.