Formal Education


    • Lunch with a colleague who has been a great partner-in-crime with our innovation ideas. I am grateful that there are several colleagues who I feel safe to be with, and share what’s on my mind without fear of judgement or being taken care of
    • Another conversation with a colleague that has a lot in common, including a language we speak. Again, I deeply appreciate the opportunity to help the person lay down their mental burden with a incredibly challenging situation they are facing.
    • A third colleague who was gracious and kind with his words about the situation I find myself catastrophizing about.
    • Discovering that a colleague I have known for a while actually lives just around the corner. Met the person when we got off the train together!

What is your impression of formal education?

There’s a place for formal education, and it can be taken too far, as has been my experience & impression with it.

The pressure of performing well, regardless of the interest in the subject is debilitating. I can see that with my own kids. Peer pressure, societal pressure, parental pressure… it’s a pressure cooker. And what does it really serve to create, I wonder?