Getting back on track…

Reaching out to people I find interesting has never felt easier than in the last few months. People who’ve taken the time to write and publish their work. People who’ve created something I found cool. Have taken a stand on something they deeply believe in and written about it. People who’ve shared their own processes (& demons) of creation.

I’ve been helping heaps of people with a platform to share their voice and ideas at work. It is of course a lot of work that is not a part of my “job”. I get to help craft their stories, sometimes showing how they can do it themselves. Other times I help with designing their presentation (and learning concepts of design along the way). Helping someone has become far more satisfying than doing things for accomplishment.

My own creative endeavours – calligraphy & writing – have taken a back seat in the process. Procrastination, poor choices, and “owning experiences that aren’t mine to own” are some reasons.Ill-health has been another.

It’s again ~100 days to the end of the year, and a good time to re-energise myself with sprints. I’ve begun one already: 100 days of code with Replit.

I have just begun learning to play Mr. Spontaneous thanks to Gareth Pearson’s lessons.
10 minutes on the cello,
10 on the double bass,
10 learning to read sheet music

Small steps to get back on track.