Not knowing what to write about is a common obstacle that stops me from writing even a word. Even this sentence took an enormous amount of will to type out. Editing as I write, feeling like the words aren’t right, the idea isn’t right, the flow isn’t right.. and backspacing till all I’m left with is a blank screen, again. Doing it a few times is the only way to get something, anything typed out, whether it makes sense or otherwise.

Distractions are always lurking. That music playing in the background? Check out that guitar lick, watch it again. What’s the lyrics again? What just ran past my window? Why are the kids screaming. Distractions pour like waves upon the beach, always wanting to change the direction of the flow in the moment. It’s easy to feel the pull of the distractions, much like the water’s pull at the beach. Just standing there, in the moment, feeling the sand shifting under my feet.Knowing when the water’s run out, I am still in the same spot. The analogy breaks down here?

I’m struggling. My back’s causing a lot of grief, weeks later. Words aren’t flowing as well as I’d like them to. My fingers aren’t doing as well on the fretboard and in the picking. My eyes aren’t coping with the glare of the screens. My soul feels tired. Is tired.

Daylight savings kicked in this morning. The clocks are turned an hour ahead, whatever that means. I’ve had much to be grateful for; including a guitar+double bass blues jamming session this morning with the 11yo, who’s getting pretty good at it. The 16yo is listening to a sax solo from Dire Straits’ Your Latest Trick – a change from the usual ignoring dad’s recommendations 🙂 We got the chicken coop assembled, and in the garden.