A Kite, Money and Habits

The excitement of getting a kite to fly quickly turned into a desire for a drone for the young lad.


This morning, my teenage daughter asked for help with her pitch for a film documentary on information. We watched a couple of videos together – the Carlota Perez talk from last night, a part of the Information author James Gleick’s talk at Google, and the chapter on Money by Gary Gensler during his MIT Blockchain course.

Money, in as much as it moves around as information over the internet, is a line of thought that is novel for my daughter, and likely for many adults. Blockchains and bitcoins and cryptocurrencies might all sound too cryptic, until we realise that three discoveries of the 21st century are building blocks of an entirely new set of lifestyles for us today: the atom, the gene and the bit.  


Atomic Habits is a wonderfully practical read, and while I’m going through my first reading, I’ve already recognised some of the ideas in there as what I’m applying to my 100-day dailies experiment. I will explore this at more length over the next few days.