[Link] QR Codes

Fred Wilson predicts that we’ll see more QR (Quick Response) code-based applications springing up, with COVID speeding up the process.

Coincidentally, for the first time today, I noticed a website I was on, a QR icon on the address bar. I’m going to be looking out for this now.



[Link]: Controlling your destiny

Venture capitalist Fred Wilson has been blogging since September 2003. He feels strongly about doing it on his own blog, rather than on platforms that make the writing & sharing “convenient”. I concur.

they are controlled by someone else. You can get kicked off. And when you get kicked off, you lose all of your followers, all of your content. Gone.

I’m not down for that.

[Link] Mentors

VC Fred Wilson, while writing about the importance of mentors, also suggests this:

The thing about mentors is you can’t really ask someone to mentor you. It kind of happens organically. Someone takes you under their wing. They see something in you and want to bring it out, develop it. That’s how the best mentor/mentee relationships happen. And they are so great.



Fred Wilson needs no introduction to those in the VC business.  His blog at www.avc.com
& the community he has created there (see the comments) is a great resource if you are an entrepreneur or would simply like to get a sense of what the startup business is like.

Fred’s been reading the biography of Steve Jobs & writes about it:

Focus is critical when you are three people, when you are twenty-five people, five hundred people, and ten thousand people. You can always get farther faster by saying no to too many projects and too many priorities. Pick your shots carefully and hit them. That’s what Jobs did to turn around Apple 

The comments are illuminating – not everyone shares the awe around Jobs’ management styles

Some business reading – strategy [Article]

Popular VC Fred Wilson (him of Union Square Ventures who funded Twitter & Tumblr etc) clarifies what strategy means, and has a few suggested readings to go with it. If you are interested in business, make www.avc.com one site to read – not just the posts but the discussions that follow. Not for the faint-hearted.