“I am at my most powerful when… ”

Reflecting on that statement is a useful exercise to do often. Particularly on days when you don’t necessary feel like that. Life throws bottles at you that shatter under your bare feet. Dragging yourself through that mess isn’t a ‘powerful’ thing.

I was witness today to an incredible rehearsal of a talk by a colleague. She’s owned her story, nothing the audience says or does will affect how she feels about it. While many people will be aghast at the challenges she’s talking about, she sees it as a way of inspiring others, even one person, to think about their own life differently.

When do I feel most powerful? The way she tackled the subject, prepared her talk, and has rehearsed gives me goosebumps. I hope she writes more often – even on days she doesn’t feel like it. She has a way with words that connect at a deeply human level.

Life is messy, and you can still find joy.

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