2024-04-16 Links

Daily Reads:

Dan Gilmor shares What’s next for him: I am absolutely convinced that journalism’s most essential role at this critical moment goes far, far beyond what it’s doing. The status quo in political (and related) coverage consists of sporadically noting that gosh-maybe-there’s-a-problem, while sticking mostly to journalistic business as usual. The status quo is journalistic malpractice.

Jillian Hess has a fantastic blog about Rachel Carson’s field notes for Silent Spring. Like Jill, I’m fascinated by how people take notes, and particularly the masters who have gone before us.


“If we continue to hold on to a dream for something in the future, we lose the present moment. And if we lose the present, we lose everything.”
-Thich Nhat Hanh


Paul Moseley does some thumb picking. Stunning work!